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So like, why wine?

Tuscany, 2015.

You might be wondering, much like my parents, why work in wine? To be honest, at the age of 22, I have little experience in wine. Growing up in a (relatively) traditional Chinese family, I had little opportunity to really drink wine apart from the odd glass here and there. I would say my first regular wine drinking experience would be in Greece the summer between my sophomore and junior year of college in 2012. For the next two months there as a student/intern, I would always order cheap (but good!) table wine with every meal. As for my first vineyard/winery visit, it would be on the trip I took with friends just after graduation to San Francisco, Sonoma and Napa. It was there where the wine bug bit me, but the real eureka moment where I felt sure, down to my bones, that I wanted to do this for real, came when I WWOOFed at two vineyards in Tuscany from mid September to mid October 2015. Having been mulling over several career paths in either public policy, banking or art (amongst other general Millennial what-should-I-do-with-my-life woes), wine then struck me a real viable career.

Thankfully my parents live in one of the largest wine markets in the world: Hong Kong. With the elimination of port duties and sales taxes in 2008, Hong Kong has become the premier city in the world to buy and sell wine. So here I am, back in Asia after spending the last 15 months in Europe, trying to find my way into this industry.

I am untrained and uncertified but I am not here to give authoritative reviews on wine. This is a space where I will think aloud about my journey and education in wine. If anybody, apart from my parents, should find it interesting to follow me down this rabbit hole, then much cheers to you!

WWOOFing at Castello di Potentino