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An Ode to Alan Rickman

I'm sure everybody has heard by now the deaths of both David Bowie and Alan Rickman (RIP). I have to say I am substantially more affected by the latter's death due to a greater familiarity of his work. That having said, with my keen interest in wine, I am surprised that I never got round to watching Bottle Shock (2008) until this past weekend. The film is available on Netflix. 

The movie covers the historical 1976 "Judgement of Paris". I can't say it's best movie on wine I've seen, but it's half decent, quite enjoyable and most of all, devastatingly great to see the man on screen again, even if only too briefly for my taste.

I should warn you in the case that you should pair this with a cheap chardonnay that your dad bought on a whim to cook with (Lindeman's Cawarra Chardonnay 2014), then things will not end well. Tears, lots of tears, if you were asking.

Alan Rickman (1946โ€”2016)

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