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Finishing WSET Level 3

Last Saturday was my last WSET level 3 class! After 3 months of no Saturdays, it is done! I do have however the level 3 exam left to complete at the end of January but otherwise I am a free woman. 

Judging from the WSET level 3 practice exams given out during review sessions, it's a definite step up from level 2. No longer is it based on rote memory and facts but rather involves linking different areas of knowledge into one cohesive process. Otherwise the classes themselves weren't a HUGE step up from level 2—just more wines and slightly more in depth. 

My facts are not down perfectly but tasting-wise my palate's substantially more developed—I'm able to tell cooler from hotter climate wines, generally speaking what varietal, the different wine making techniques and styles, etc. However the theories and facts escape me; I need to hunker down with textbook and go through it carefully.

I'm going away from Dec 27 to Jan 08 to Russia but I'm confident I'll nail most of the nitty gritty details before the exam on the 21st. I will report again after the exam! 

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