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A Tour of Ornellaia

Originally I wanted to visit all the top vineyards in the area during my time working at Mulini di Segalari (mid Sept to mid Oct 2015)However Tenuto San Guido — the estate that makes Salsiccaia — were super strict in not allowing guests to visit during harvest season. Thus I was only able to visit Ornellaia, which is amazing on its own anyway. Marina was very kind to help us book, arrange a tasting and visit as well as drive us there! Ornellaia is the “fanciest” wine estate in the region. Their visitor center looked rustic at the entrance but they have a separate modern exhibition space for their charity art bottles, processing facilities and tastings. I had no idea that the vineyard was rather spread out and that they purchase some extra acres later on that were separate from the older established vineyard. For such a big estate, they still hand pick and hand process everything (as seen in photos). They also had the biggest presses I have seen in my life — what we used at Castello di Potentino and Mulini di Segalari is incomparably smaller. 

I befriended our guide at Ornellaia and she was very kind to invite us to have dinner at the enoteca in Bolgheri — they sell the third highest volume of wine in all of Italy. Somehow I managed to survive the 15 wine tastings (5 whites, 5 reds and 5 Super Tuscans in particular). I haven't taken any photos of this particular experience but I will treasure it for a long time to come.

I wish I had the time and $$$ to buy some Ornellaia to write some tasting notes but alas, none. However I am informed that Sotheby's HK do sell all three wines, Ornellaia, Le Serre Nuove, and Le Volte. You can only buy their experimental blend Variozione in Rosso at the tenuto itself.

What I have is a bottle of Odfjell's Amador Estate Selection, from Valle del Maipo, Chile, 2013.


Odfjell's "Armador" Estate Selection, 2013

Region: Valle del Maipo, Chile. Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon.

Bright fruity bouquet with surprisingly smooth tannins (despite not being super oaky!) and a nice medium berry finish.


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