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Happy Chinese New Year & Some Updates

Happy Chinese New Year! It's been 10 years since I really celebrated CNY at all so it's particularly exciting to be in Hong Kong right now, along with collecting 10 years worth of missing laisee. My uncle happened to own a couple bottles of Château Haut-Brion of various vintages and for my homecoming, graciously opened his oldest bottle (1970, below far left) for me. 

Things that have transpired in between now and my last post: multiple job interviews, almost daily; three wine-related events; completion of my WSET Level 1 class and exam; completion of A+ Australian wine course and the beginning my WSET Level 2 classes. While things are humming along pretty decently, it has been slightly demoralizing to see just how difficult it is to break into the wine industry. Most available job openings are in marketing and sales. Having been to a liberal art school which did not offer any coursework on either subject and having done internships in more advanced theoretical work (think tank), I still find myself possessing the requisite skill sets to complete the (rather) basic tasks at hand. However what employers really do want is to already see concrete experience already spelled out loud and clear on the resume. 

That is the current bind that I am in right now, even though I am not requesting much (at all) in terms of benefits and salary. A friend did say though that despite the overall worsening economy, things should pick up after CNY, which is when most people quit/change careers. I will continue to plug away at it and push myself further before calling it quits. 

Also I will set up an “editorial calendar”, which hopefully will mean more frequent and consistent posts and updates. Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year again to those who celebrate it! 


Château Haut-Brion, Premier Grand Cru Classé, 1970

Region: Pessac, France. Varietal: Bordeaux blend.

Soft black berry with little herbaceous notes, very smooth tannins and medium finish.

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