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Comparing NSG 1er Crus Boudots and Murgers to Malconsorts


Right next to the famous Vosne Romanée is the village of Nuits St. Georges. Although it shares a lot of the similar terroir or even parcels (at the border of the village), it is often overlooked in favour of it's more famous neighbour. To prove people wrong, a dinner was organised comparing wines from Nuits St. Georges's Boudots and Murgers with wines from Vosne Romanée 1er Cru Malconsorts, a well known lieu-dit that is right next to Boudots across the village/commune line.

From Sstarwines. Left: Nuits St. Georges. Right: Vosne Romanée. 

From Sstarwines. Left: Nuits St. Georges. Right: Vosne Romanée. 

We tried a range of producers from across the parcels: Hudelot Noellat, Meo-Camuzet, George Noellat, De Montille, Leroy and Cathiard. Personally I have really enjoyed wines from Boudots (and my wallet thanks me) so going in, I was super confident in how the Boudots would show. Murgers can be quite uneven depending on the vintage and the producer so I had some doubts. As for Malconsorts, I completely trusted because I haven't yet had a bad Malconsorts so far *knocks on wood*.

Ideally you tried each parcel from each producer but unfortunately not everybody has all parcels. So in this highly unscientific experiment with zero control group, Malconsorts “won” in that it was a crowd pleaser however many were surprised at how complex some of the Murgers were. People enjoyed the Boudots but comparatively they could have done better with slightly more age. Clearly there is so much more explorations to do and I will continue to drink my through the Côte.

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