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Aged Champagne is the Shit

At Avize Hong Kong, Nov 2017. 

At Avize Hong Kong, Nov 2017. 

I was not and not quite yet still, the biggest bubble lover. Sure it's nice to sip on now and then but do I crave it, want it or give it more than single thought once the bubbles dissipate in my mouth? Not really.

That is until I tried the above Pol Roger Brut NV at Avize, a speciality champagne boutique here in Hong Kong. Even though it was clearly aged, as an NV it hard to know actually which vintages were included just based on the serial number of the foil. Thankfully Hubert de Billy, fifth generation of the champagne house, was here and able to decode it, putting the blends to roughly 1988-1992.

Toasty, caramel, rich but somehow still fresh and bright? Count me in. That was how the older Pol Roger Brut NV rocked my little world regarding on how aged champagne could taste. Granted back then, a little dosage was en vogue so it really gave the champagne a bit of weight, texture and along with of course, flavour, in its age. It does make you wonder whether the current trend of zero dosage amongst a lot of champagnes will make it less attractive as it ages. I am someone that likes density and weight in champagnes and love my lees. I crave the succulent yeasty notes, which in my opinion is what separates champagne from your standard sparkling.

I do think zero dosage champagnes taste great young although it would be an interesting experiment to see how zero dosage champagnes age comparatively with one that has a bit more sugar in them. That will obvious take some time, so I'll get back to you in—let me see—a decade or so. 

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