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Blind Tasting with Producers

Dinner at Arcane, Hong Kong, March 2017.

Dinner at Arcane, Hong Kong, March 2017.

It's been a long and crazy month, what with portfolio tasting, masterclasses and paulée and my birthday today!

This is a throw back to a dinner I had with Burgundy producers (Anne Gros, Remy Poisot, Gilbert Felettig) and champagne makers (Alexandre Chartogne and Olivier Collin of Ulysse Collin).

We had a fantastic line up of top notch wines (as seen above).

Takeaway notes:

  1. Producers can be very bad at blind tasting. I think it's more a beginners luck — the less you know the more you can trust your gut. So for Raveneau, well 2013 is an atypical year but I tasted an old world cold climate Chardonnay so I immediately thought Chablis.
  2. Cabernet Franc can age amazingly well. Firstly, I didn't know it was Cabernet Franc (more like a Merlot blend) let alone from 1995!
  3. Rhys makes fine pinot and chardonnay juices that blend in perfectly with old world wines. This is the first time I've tasted new world wines that I thought were old! Amazing!!!
  4. DRC is forever DRC. Too bad these were offered the last when I was (admittedly) quite drunk and no longer tasting much. However the RSV, Echezeaux and La Tache all tasted amazing fresh and young, all of which can easily age 20+ years. I'm definitely one of the most spoiled 23 years old.


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