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Exploring the Noëllat Family


I've tried Hudelot-Noellat many times, given how popular it is in tastings and dinners in the city. However I am hearing more and more about Maxime Cheurlin of Domaine George Noëllat

The Noëllats have a long history in Burgundy, starting with Domaine Noëllat in the early 20th century, ran by brothers Charles and Ernest. 

Charles Noëllat's daughter Odile married Alain Hudelot, forming the now Domaine Hudelot-Noëllat. However since the domaine has been sold to Lalou Bize-Leroy in 1988 and ceased to exist.

Ernest on the other hand had two sons - George and Henri. Henri married Marie-Thèrese Jayer, daughter of Henri Jayer's uncle Edouard. Their son Michel married cousin (a distant one supposedly) Hélène, creating Domaine Michel Noëllat. George passed his domaine now to his daughter (another Marie-Thèrese), who is the grandmother of Maxime. 

For the longest time, they sold the grapes in bulk to Jadot and Drouhin. However before we jump onto Maxime and his supposed wunderkind winemaking skills since 2010, we had to try wines from before his era to see how it has changed since.

Amidst the raving articles about Maxime's skills and his background, little can be found on his predecessors - like whether Patrice or François is his father anyhow? 

Granted I should have asked him when he last stopped by our office late January earlier this year but perhaps it's a touch too personal. Maybe next time?

Keen to try the vintages 2010+ and to see whether Maxime is the real deal.

Tasting note:  complex, strikingly young, rich berry flavours and gorgeous chocolate notes.

This is a wine that can age easily 10+ more years. The tannins feel like they've finally softened up and gradually more fine. Surprisingly fresh for a 10+ year old wine, it has beautiful fruity notes that are punctuated by deeper chocolate flavours, making this a really enjoyable drink after a long day at work. 

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