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An Ode to Morgon

Weekday nights at La Cabane, Hong Kong.

Weekday nights at La Cabane, Hong Kong.

Gamay at its finest, in my opinion, the most versatile wine. Pinot is a fickle grape but gamay is always delightfully fresh juice that pairs with almost everything I can think of. And for one of those days you need a LONG drink.

Morgon is easily my favourite cru in Beaujolais. It has weight, flavour, complexity and just enough oomph that differs it from the normal pinots I drink.

Fleurie I have also tried and although quite beautiful and floral on the nose - just like a well-made Chambolle Musigny, the most elegant and finest  appellations in all of France - on the palate, it falters and leaves something still to be desired.

My previously fav is undoubtedly Marcel Lapierre's Cuvée Camille that I've already written about here but below are two newly tried favourites:

Marcel Lapierre 'Raisin Gaulois' 2015: Fresh and bright with fantastically jammy characteristics that gives it just enough complexity and length. super yummy.

Jean Foillard, Morgon 'Côte du Py' 2014: ripe and rich - there is everything you want from a gamay and more. foillard leaves enough oak to add structure but still lets the fruit sing for itself. 

For some reason, when in doubt, I feel like it's always reliable to go back to these two. First it's Beaujolais so the prices are always a fraction of the Burgundy pinots of equal quality and secondly, it's surprising for most wine buffs and geeks who drinks little wines outside the usual connoisseur regions of Bordeaux/Burgundy.

It really goes with everything - white meat, dark meat and even fish - so again it's a wine for idiots in the best possible sense. 

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