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Book Review: Sweetbitter (2016)


This is a book by Stephanie Danler I have seen over and over again on social media and given it's (somewhat) about wine, my curiosity was definitely piqued.

The plot is something you've heard and read before: a personal odyssey of a small town Middle American early twentysomething escaping to find herself in the Big Apple. *insert eyeroll* Yes it's one of THOSE books.

I don't know about you but it's tired trope that's just overdone. Perhaps I grew up far from home and have always lived in big cities so I can't relate to the wide-eyed adoration of New York (which I honestly like much - don't get me started) but I'm like is learning to manage and be responsible for yourself as a semi-functional human being REALLY that hard? 

We get it, it's not the easiest thing starting out and yes it's a dramatic shift from college life, but guess what honey everybody goes through it. Knowing more about what you drink and having figured out life in the city plus enjoying hard sex doesn't make you special.

The sad part is that wine doesn't figure too much into the book. There's some points made about certain flavours or wines but overall the centre piece is the trite love storylines on protagonist's relationship with Jake, the bartender, of whom after finishing the book you still don't get the appeal. I'm still looking for a book that gives a good narrative into how they caught the winebug and goes deep into wine-nerd-land. If you are in the mood for a more insightful read onto the restaurant world, get Bourdain's tried and true "Kitchen Confidential" instead.

But if you are in want of something that is a breezy but angsty read, this is a book to pack for the holidays. Otherwise I think you would be better served with something a little more substance and save yourself the trouble with a glass of Whispering Angels rosΓ© - there's more depth there than this.  

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