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At Gaa, Bangkok, Thailand

My friends from Gaggan, Mint and Garima, have opened up a new restaurant Gaa just earlier this year in March 2017. I finally had the opportunity to go this past weekend when meeting up one of my old buddies from Castello di Potentino

I first when to Gaggan (Asia #1 and World #7 on The World's Best 50 Restaurant list) last August 2017 when I heard saw a friend of a friend staging there in Chef's Table's episode on the chef. Talk about coincidence! 

There I also befriended Mint, who now does pastry at Gaa. Gaa is a new restaurant backed by Gaggan and is located just across from Asia #1 restaurant itself. The food itself is not complex but a bit hard to explain, a modern mix of Thai and Indian. You can really taste the influences that Noma and Gaggan had on the head chef, Garima. She previously worked at Gaggan for a year and Noma before that for 3.

Garima herself is Indian indeed so I do taste the Indian flavours, the spice and the dishes themselves that are of Indian origin. However there is the obvious Thai, where finds it in ingredients used that are indigenous of the region all over from North to South, East to West. There are so many fresh good produce coming out of Thailand that it seems almost criminal to use anything else. The Noma touch is seen not only in the local-vore focus but also the presentation of the leaf, simplicity of the dishes, and experiments on fermentation and textures. 

The experience was interesting, novel and simply put, delicious. You always want to learn something and but also feed your senses and this does both. I find it quite refreshing and just utterly satisfied. I cannot say I am unbiased but just you wait and see this restaurant pop on the charts very soon. Sühring that is also backed by Gaggan that opened about a year ago already has nabbed Asia #18 place (I did not go if you're wondering as I did not feel like eating 'German', no matter how cool. Laugh at me if you wish.) and I'm sure Gaa will be find its place there. No pressure Garima and Mint! 

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