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A Leroy I Can Get Used To


I don't have the budget to drink Leroy often. And I can count the times I have drank Domaine/Maison bottles on one hand. 

Although her Musigny is on my bottles to drink before you die list, I really can't compete with the stratospheric prices her bottles command. There is one bottle that is slightly easier on the budget and I dare say, actually worth it.

One bottle that I think about over and over again is her Maison Leroy Savigny-les-Beaune 1er Cru "Les Narbantons" 2009 that we received a batch of last June. It's from lieu-dit that is also owned by the domaine and therefore we like to think that some of the "lesser" (by Leroy's impossible standards) domaine grapes made it to the bottle. Some people ask why bother bottling a négoce bottle to compete with the domaine's wines but with so little quantity available of the domaine bottles that I say it's on the contrary more complementary to give consumers more options.

I think it would be quite something to taste the two side by side, but with domaine bottle near impossible to find on the open market (and that to say if you can afford the WS avg $6029/bt) I think it is a chance that is few and far in between. Not to toot the corporate horn but I think for the quality and the price ($1,590/bt) that we have it in and the name (naturally), it's SUCH a good bargain.

A note that I wrote to clients which I stand by: Beautiful nose and depth as expected from a Leroy wine but not too painful on the wallet! Slightly aged, it will go pretty much well with anything you're eating this season into the next. Your new perennial favourite (and mine!).

The only problem of mine is to find enough occasions to splurge or enough people who would share the cost of the bottle with me. You know, first world problems.

George Noëllat, Revisited

At Gaa, Bangkok, Thailand