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George Noëllat, Revisited

Last week ended without a post because I have moved in! With the boyfriend! Now that I'm pretty much fully settled in, I revisited Domaine George Noëllat with some colleagues since.

Previously I tried the same cuvée but the '06 vintage, before Maxime Cheurlin took over in 2010. The 2006 version was not at all bad, rather drinking well with a bit of age but I have to say, nothing particularly remarkable.

This 2014 NSG 1er Cru Boudots made by Maxime was wowzer despite its youth. Previous having drunken plenty of NSG 1er Cru Boudots by other top winemakers like Cathiard, I have grown to love this lieu-dit. Maxime's version I can safely say is up there in the top for quality. The wine was very lush, bright, rich and complex with a long deep finish - beautiful for such a NSG 1er cru. I was most shocked by the amount of vanilla oak notes present in the wine, which shows that Maxime held back no punches for a relatively "lesser" cuvée in his portfolio of wines, which includes VR 1er "Beaux Monts", Echezeaux and Grand Echezeaux. It is also testament to how ripe and full the grapes were when picking as it holds up very well to the use of oak.

The wine itself is very young but like Maxime himself, is full of potential. I've tried other young and upcoming winemakers such as Arnoux-Lachaux 2014s made by ambitious Robert Arnoux but even then I have not been as impressed as I was with George Noëllat. You've heard this elsewhere before but you can hear it from me as with two huge thumbs up, that George Noëllat is most definitely a domaine to collect and look out for when available.

Tasting note: Generous bodied wine that is thick, lush and ripe. Pleasantly surprisingly for such terroir but it is a testament to Maxime's skills. Balanced even in its youth, this a structured wine that can easily age 15+ years or more. A magnificient beauty. 

Any tips as to what kind of wines I should try next and what to look out for? Let me know in the comments below.

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