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Brunching at Botanist

Usually not one for bougie brunches, when it's your last day in your hometown which you were last 3 years ago, you do. I was informed of this new place in Fairmont Pacific Rim, Botantist

Vancouver is brimming with fantastic restaurants with great local produce granted by the beautiful fertile Fraser valley but Botanist is one to check out. The food is simple, pared down but to the point. Just gosh darn likeable. The interiors however are stunning in its midcentury modern appeal with touches of the ever-prescient #millenialpink. It also reminds me a lot of Serge et Le Phoque in Hong Kong, also an equally chill contemporary establishment serving great simple food.

This a space to stop by before taking long lazy walks on the seawall. So. Good.

Both photos taken in Vancouver, July 2017.

Both photos taken in Vancouver, July 2017.

To contact the restaurant, check out their website here

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