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This Young Wino, Revamped

Orenellaia visit, September 2015. 

Orenellaia visit, September 2015. 

Look at me 3 years ago, before I knew anything about wine and now 3 years later, into my second wine industry job, plugging away with a glass in hand. A lot has changed but a lot hasn't either. While I know substantially more about wine, the business and the people involved, my initial enthusiasm has neither quieted nor dampen over the time. I find myself in phases, sometimes really enjoying everything I do but at times, feeling confusion and anxiety over what I am doing.

What hasn't changed, especially for old school readers that have been following through other iterations of online journals now here on, is my love for research, photography and writing. And continue I shall.

During the tail end of 2017, I promised some changes to this site, namely in more ambition and content. You shall now see that the home page is completely reconstructure to feel more professional. The first post featured on the top will be my big feature piece of the month, which I aim to edit at least monthly. Front page also include events that are happening in Hong Kong, to make this site your one-stop-shop for all things wine related in Hong Kong and beyond. The sidebar categories have been further streamlined:

  • Wines - reviews of wines that I am drinking, sorted by country and will include travel posts of relevant destinations
  • News - to cover anything major wine-related happening in Asia 
  • Food - review of restaurants
  • Interviews - interviews with other young winos, hope to be a MONTHLY thing

Most importantly is the shift, from personal wine blog to online wine journal with a focus on Asia for young winos by winos. Of course it is still mostly me writing it but the content will be more inclusive and comprehensive. It would be great to have guest writers and hope to include that soon into the fold to diversify the content.

Some kinks of course are to be worked out over time but thank you very much for following this space from 2015 till now. 

xoxo Joy

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