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Late Night at Fukuro

Late Night at Fukuro

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There has been surge lately of Western fine dining but the izakaya “trend” is still going strong as ever. Case in point, I found myself waiting for table at Fukuro, a new Black Sheep restaurant that opened on Soho. However I should add I almost left due to terrible service by the hostess but how is that news in Hong Kong?

Thankfully the good food saved the day. Everything the waitress recommend as signatures of the place? Fantastic and fast to arrive to boot. The highlight personally was the first dish we had the Oyster with yuzu and ponzu, a cliched combo by now, but damn it was flavourful, fresh and execution on point. Great start to the dinner and instant mood lifter from the terrible service by the hostess. The weird sounding but surprisingly good combo of scallop and mozzarella tempura followed. Sounds like something out of bad PF Chang’s but it works. Next was the beef tatake, which I didn’t know what to expect. Smokey from the grill, it was balanced by the acidity of the yuzu on top — I do get why people put yuzu on everything now. Eggplant and miso are one of my favourite things after first having it in Serge et La Phoque (sadly now closed) and it is just the biggest umami bomb. You know it’s good when I ate before I could take a photo. Last but not least, the special salmon kamameshi hot pot rice, which sadly was not the exciting end to the fab entrees I was looking. Still it was done if not a bit boring but a decent finish to the evening.

No wine to be found here but do try some of the sake; a nice break from Pinot will do you and your wallet some good.

Visited September 2018. Fukuro, 1-5 Elgin St, Soho, Hong Kong. Tel: 2333 8841.

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