Perfect Christmas Gift for Young Winos


This post is not sponsored by Gabriel Glas or ASC. All opinions are my own.

I can’t believe I am doing a gift guide as I always find them useless and rather lame.

However I cannot readily recommend Gabrielglas enough. If I had to nail down my best purchase of the year, it has to be these glasses.

Why are they so good you may ask? For young winos that want easy to use, hardy, machine washable and great value for money, there are no better glassware. The are other more aesthetically beautiful glassware such as Zalto but they break too easily. The Riedel Sommelier series are fantastic though more expensive. Sophienwald and or the new Marienglas are probably even better, however they are near impossible to find in Hong Kong.

There is also elegance in its universality. It’s universal shape truly works from bubbles to heavy shiraz. You don’t have to overthink when you’re cobbling together a last minute get together, or just want a simple drink at the end of a long day. Talk about function AND form. This is the perfect gift to anyone, whether they are casual drinkers or serious connoisseurs.

Pack of 6 available for $1,000HKD at ASC.