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Egon Müller at Tate Dining Room, Hong Kong

I have been wanting to go for a while, since it is so close to my office. However after a milquetoast review by a trusted colleague of mine, I thought it was worth the trouble of going until suddenly one of my top clients asked to go try it.

Of course I agree and we went for a rather relaxing dinner. Tate Dining Room is run by Vicky Lau, who was named as Best Female Chef in Asia at Asia's Top 50 in 2015. Tate Dining Room has also since been awarded one Michelin-star. The interior to the cuisine has a very strong twee touch however it is not overly saccharine. 


For the first time ever I tried the Egon Müller Schwarzhofberger Kabinett 2015. Haven't drank any sweet wines in possibly over a year, the wine was surprisingly palatable – and I don't have a sweet tooth in my body! Though young, it was bright, mineral and rich with a super zesty acidity that made it easy to drink over and over again. Neither my client nor I were at all sick of drinking this bottle the whole evening. Coincidentally it went well with quite a few courses even though in hindsight it was poor planning. 

The food here has clear Asian influence but it is modernised by chef Vicky. Speaking with another colleague who went to the restaurant late last year with a different menu, it seems that the menu varies greatly in quality (she didn't enjoy hers). I would suggest checking the menu on their website before you make your reservation just to be safe. I haven't been to VEA yet however it would be interesting to compare the two together in the similarity of focus in "modern" Chinese cuisine.

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